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Wide Eyed Wendy's Valentines challenge

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Entry #31


Doll by Javier Oliva Pérez
from... Santiago, Chile

I am introducing my doll named Laura inspired on Wendy.

The charmed look of her face makes me think about a little country girl.

Laura was crafted by using velour fabric for her body and head. Her face was painted with acrilycs painting and pigma pencil. She was dressed with cotton fabrics.

I have really enjoyed crafting little Laura.

Laura with her bunny friend Peter.



Entry #32


Doll by Gladys Alvarez
from... California, USA

I named her “Alice” . She has that wonder look, like Alice in Wonderland!


Entry #33

"Rusty Ann"

Doll by Ricki Beedell
from... Alberta, Canada

I have taken up your challenge. I haven’t made a doll in years, but with three granddaughters (and one grandson) I thought it was time to get back to the dolls. From the reaction of my 3 year old granddaughter Wendy is just the beginning. We have named “our” doll Rusty Ann and her bear Boe. Rusty was made with fabric I had on hand. Her dress is from fabric of a dress I made for my own daughter about 16 years ago. Her apron is from more vintage fabric. I’m looking forward to working with a “true doll fabric.” She was great fun to make!!! And I see more dolls in my near future. Boe the bear is a new interest of mine as well, needle felting. I think dolls and toys go hand in hand. Thanks again for such great fun!!! I will be looking for more challenges.

Entry #34


Doll by Maria del Valle Olivera
from... Alicante Spain

I have fun and also I acquire experience.
She's Aby and loves the pink colour!
She wears a dress from that colour that made "her mom". She likes to comb her curls and wears a crochet hat that she loves. Her stockings and shoes are also was made from to crochet.
With "Aby" I put a little nose, mouth and needlesculped.


Entry #35

"Carrot Top"

Doll by Beth Casper
from... USA

When I was a little girl I was given a doll named "Carrot Top" and, although I can barely remember her, I think my Wendy looks like her. It was much fun creating her and I look forward to seeing everyone's interpretation!

Entry #36 and Enter #54

"Sami and Jennife"

Doll by Leota Webb
from... CO, USA

Here are my two Wendy dolls. The one on the left is Sami. Her friend in blue is Jennifer, named after a beautiful bright eyed three-year old girl I know. They are dressed in dotted Swiss from the 40's. I made two dolls because in using the shiny side of velour, I made the first one with a horizontal stretch. She is chubby and cute, but I also wanted one made with a vertical stretch. These two little friends are very happy they found each other. I loved making these dolls!

Entry #37


Doll by Brenda Nicholson
from... NY, USA

Alex is wearing a simple white heirloom dress trimmed with lace and red ribbon. She holds a wool felt heart for Valentine's day.

Entry #38 and #39

"Wide Eyed Windy Dawn"
" Wide Eyed Wenda"

Doll by Cindy Alldredge

Wide Eyed Windy Dawn (native American)
Wide Eyed Wenda

Entry #40

"Wide Eyed Wendy "

Doll by Jerlyn Marshall

Entry #41

"Daisy May"

Doll by Kathy Sellars
from... TN, USA

Meet Daisy May made from the Wide Eyed Wendy pattern. Her dress is blue with daisies and trimmed with dark blue ribbon, her petticoat is yellow, her apron is cream lace, her bloomers are denim with crochet lace trim and her blue "suede" shoes have daisy embellishments. She is holding a small bouquet of flowers and has a dark blue ribbon in her hair. She is the third and most detailed doll I have made.

Entry #42

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by Jeanne White
from... West Virginia, USA

Entry #43

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by Bettsi McComb

I wanted to show you the visitor that dropped by my house today. Isn't she a little cutie? She said she was a "wide eyed wendy" and that I should submit her to this email address. She was very sweet and well-mannered, but as you can see from the photos, she was longing to return to her meadow. So I bid her a sad adieu.

Thanks for a fun dolly!

Entry #44

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by Mary Mangini
from... Ohio, USA

Entry #45

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by Ines Sanz
from... Mexico


Entry #46

"Wide Eyed Wendy "

Doll by Edna in WV

Entry #47

"Wide Eyed Wendy "

Doll by Edna in WV

Entry #48


Doll by Jody Kieffer
from... VA, USA

I saw the picture of a BJD in Haute Doll magazine and her face was mesmerizing. And when I saw her, I immediately thought she would make a beautiful Wide-Eyed Wendy. It took me four faces, two sets of arms, and some amputation with the feet, but here she is. She says her name is Asia and she is my belated valentine.

Entry #49


Doll by Rita Hernandez
from... MA, USA

This is "Chrissy", my rendition of wide eye Wendy challenge. Her body is made out of suede, and she was so much fun to make, thank you Judi for the free pattern and the chance to enter into the challenge.

Entry #50-53

"Polly, Izzy, Amy and Gracie"



Doll by Baja Betty

I made 4 of these cute little gals, but I used Judi's Bluette arms & legs instead of the original. I redrew the heads on Gracie and Polly to include ears. Izzy and Amy have Judi's original head.

Thank you, Judi, for such a cute pattern. Looking forward to the Baby Doll Challenge.



Wendy's Made for Fun...

Wuzzie & Winnie

Doll by Marie Chavez

Wuzzie & Winnie

Wuzzie & Winnie

Wow!  Those were Beautiful Dolls! 

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