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Wide Eyed Wendy's Valentines challenge

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Entry #16

"Violet Valentine"

Doll by Bonnie Lee Fontaine
from... RI, USA

Well, this pattern's so cute, I decided to make another one! This is Violet Valentine, sister to mischievous Viola. She is much more demure and ladylike than Viola, and always says please and thank you. She NEVER gets her frilly dress dirty. I hope you enjoy meeting Violet, and Happy Valentine's Day!



Entry #17


Doll by Carol Romero

I didn't change her name cause I have a daughter who's name is Wendy. I like that name, so I keep it for her. I couldn't get the pattern of her to print out so I decided to hand draw her, I put a ruler up to my computer to try and get her as close to the pattern as I could. She stands about 12in. tall. I was dressing her with the blummers and had put the stocking on her when I decided I didn't like that. So I found a bright material and decided to dress her tropical. And put a hat on her, I wanted her to feel like she was on a holiday having a great time. In the sun, keeping warm. I love this pattern.


Entry #18

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by Nancy Button
from... IL, USA

My Wendy is dressed in her very best dress.It is satin and organdy with white lacy trim and matching panties. I had such a good time making her and told all my dollmaking friends about her.

Entry #19

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by Nancy K. Domaz
from... IL, USA


Entry #20


Doll by Angela van Wayenburg
from... Kaukapakapa, New Zealand

Celia is named after my eldest daughter.
This not the type of doll I usually do, but I have enjoyed making her. I reduced the pattern by 50%.


Entry #21


Doll by Jeanne Gritton
from... Washington, USA

Made for grand niece as a room decoration in her "all pink" bedroom.


Entry #22


Doll by Zina Cate
from... TN, USA

Penelope was made using dolly face craft velour. She has a blonde wig, and I painted her eyes to be green. She has a reflective, pondering expression on her face as she is thinking of all the people she loves and who love her. She is holding a handmade Valentine that declares: Be Mine! She's a girly girl, so she insisted on being dressed in this pink sparkly material and her apron is like a garden of flowers. She's ready for spring and this dress reflects her mood for it to come. She is wearing purchased shoes, and synthetic wig. Doll and clothing handmade by myself. Hope you enjoy the pictures of Penelope!


Entry #23

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by MaryJean Talmadge
from... OR, USA

Happy Valentine's Day from my heart to yours.


Entry #24

"Wendy Brianna"

Doll by Pamela P Davis
from... PA, USA

Hi there, My name is Wendy Brianna and I'm dressed in my Valentine's Day dress. My favorite color is pink, so I am wearing my favorite sparkle-pink boots...see them peeking out! Another of my favorite things is the wonderful butterfly that landed in my hair! Thanks for having me .


Entry #25

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by Teri Jones
from... Missouri, USA


Entry #26


Doll by Carolyn Bowyer

My name is Sophie, and I am told it is a Greek name meaning Wisdom. I am 6.25 inches tall, a little smaller than the original pattern you will agree, but there was no stipulation about size in the rules.

I am made from Parfeit Cotton Sateen and Polyester Filling and all my clothing has been especially made for me. My lovely red rose was a gift from a "secret admirer" for Valentine's Day. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that I was handsewn by Carolyn Bowyer.


Entry #27

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by Robin Kratky
from... Texas, USA

Entry #28


Doll by Patt Jenks
from... USA

Wiley June



Entry #29

"Little Haiti"

Doll by Ana Hernandez Van der Veen
from... Netherland

This is little Haiti……

This little doll is my memorial to all the little children that did not make it in the horrible tragedy that recently stroked Haiti. They did not make it in earth but they made it to a beautiful place called heaven. Now they have beautiful and new dresses, now they have a beautiful star to hold on to, and now they have beautiful golden wings.

They will not play in any park or run in any school corridor in Haiti, but they are now running and playing around in heaven’s gardens enjoying the utmost happiness of being with their heavenly father.

Many parents and relatives must be still crying for them, and that is ok. We all have feelings and will miss them, but we must be aware that the kingdom of heaven belongs to them! They are home now.

When I decided to participate in the 2010 Wide Eyed Wendy's Valentines challenge, I thought about making a doll with carnival clothing. Here, it was carnival a couple of weeks ago and I even bought the materials for the carnival clothing. Then, the tragedy on Haiti occurred. Not more carnival in my heart.. I was impacted and my heart was in pain and sorrow, but then, I realized that all these little ones are better off now than ever. No more needs, no more poverty, no more hunger, no more diseases, no more unsafe, now is eternal joy for all of them! Now they are having candies, cakes, toys and all the good things their heavenly father had stored for them. So, I decided to make little Haiti for the challenge. I made little Haiti for them…

For you little angels, that will never be forgotten!!!
With love,


Entry #30

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by Iris Haltom
from... North Carolina, USA

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