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Wide Eyed Wendy's Valentines challenge

"She is sooo sweet and wants to be everyones Valentine" 

Check out all the beautiful Wide Eyed Wendy dolls below!

Grand Prize
"Wide Eyed Wendy Doll"
made by Judi Ward!

Wendy by Judi Ward.

**** Prizes ****
Prizes were awarded based on a random drawing.
Thank you to everyone who donated prizes!

Kate Erbach  from... WI, USA
Prize: "Wide Eyed Wendy Doll" made by Judi Ward! (Donated by Judi)
Bridget Nolte from... MN, USA
Prize: The Enchanteds, Original Cloth Dolls, by Mary Tressler; (Donated by Theresa Bunner)
Bernadette Witschey from... FL, USA
Prize: Tyler & Sharice Pattern by Kezi (Donated by the Doll Net)
Cindy Ribet from... North Carolina, USA
Prize: Muslin Mummies & Daddies, by Nancy Southerland Holmes; (Donated by Theresa Bunner)
Nancy Button from... IL, USA
Prize: Dear Ones Pattern by Kezi (Donated by the Doll Net)
Nancy K. Domaz from... IL, USA
Prize: Prairie People, Cloth Dolls to Make and Cherish, by Marji Hadley & J. Dianne Ridgley: (Donated by Theresa Bunner)
Jeanne Gritton from... Washington, USA
Prize: "Moody Boobs" pattern by Kate Erbach (Donated by Kate)
Jerlyn Marshall 
Prize: G. P. Jones Easy-to-Make Dolls with Nineteenth-Century Costumes (Donated by Theresa Bunner)
Teri Jones from... Missouri, USA
Prize: Merna Takes A Test Drive" pattern by Kate Erbach (Donated by Kate)
Cindy Alldredge
Prize: Foster Children Campus Cuties Soft Sculpture Dolls, by Esther Lee Foster. (Donated by Theresa Bunner)
Bonnie Lee Fontaine from... RI, USA
Prize: 'Lacey' love bug Pattern by Shelley Hawkey! (Donated by Shelley)
Gladys Alvarez from... California, USA 
Prize:  "A Doll for all Seasons" pattern by Mary Ann Kaahanui and Bonnie B. Lewis and the kit to make the autumn doll. (Donated by Sharon Young)

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Entry #1


Doll by Cindy Ribet
from... North Carolina, USA

She looks like a young lady I know named Deborah. I used a Goodreau doll as the inspiration for painting the face.
She was a lot of fun.


Entry #2

"Lollipop Oh Lolli"

Doll by Ellen Vorster
from... Oregon, USA

My doll is called Lollipop Oh Lolli after the song by the Chordettes. I called her that because she just looked so sweet!

Entry #3

"Wide Eyed Wendy"

Doll by Shelley Hawkey
from... California, USA

I literally stopped everything I was doing so that I could take part in making this little doll. She has a little bit of a waif look about her and that's what I was looking for. I'm not much for frilly lace and such so I dressed her in denim with striped stocking. Both her dress, shoes and stocking were made from a couple of my Grandmothers old shirts. Her outfit was inspired by this piece of lace that my Mom gave me a few years ago that I was never able to use on anything. She is holding a few paper roses with a ribbon attached to help put her in the 'Valentine' spirit. Except for her legs she is made of Doll Face Pink Doe Suede fabric with the fuzzy side out. Her face is drawn and colored with watercolor pencils and her hair is long faux fur attached to fabric. Just a simple ribbon is tied around her head with a bow to adorn her hair. Her shoes were made with some embroidered hearts and some white cording around the edge and are weighted with pebbles so that she will not fall over. She also has a tiny pom-pom inserted in her nose on the inside of her head and then a small amount of sculpting was done around it.

She was allot of fun to make and I am grateful for the diversion she created.

Entry #4


"Lila, the Lavender Faerie"

Doll by Diane Mansil
from... MO, USA


Meet Lila, the Lavender Faerie. Lila is wearing her favorite dress because she has been invited to a party in her best friend's tree. As you can guess, Lila's favorite color is purple, possibly because it goes so well with her wings.

Lila is made from lavender velour, with hand-dyed yarn hair and painted and needle sculpted features. Her clothing consists of an under layer of deep purple metallic fabric with a skirt of lavender tulle with a darker purple netting overlay and a silver metallic waistband. Her neckline is adorned with white lace with silver roses and her hair is tied up with a silver netting band. He shoes are made from the same white and silver lace with grey fleece soles. Lavender iridescent wings are stiffened with fine jewelry wire. She carries a wand made from a fine dowel rod painted black with a purple bead on the bottom and a gold jeweled star on top. She wears a (faux) pearl necklace.

Entry #5

"Viola Valentine"

Doll by Bonnie Lee Fontaine
from... Rhode Island, USA

Here is my little Wide-Eyed Wendy for your viewing pleasure! I have called her Viola Valentine. I had a ball making her. She is made of deer suede. I made modifications to her hands and added a nose. Her face is done with colored pencils and gel pens. She has a full mohair wig. Hope you like her!

Entry #6


Doll by Shirley J Gilmore
from... OR, USA

I have named my doll BUNCHY, after the character in a book that I received in 1944. Bunchy had many adventures at her grandmother's house. She is about to go on a new adventure with her dog, Toby. They will meet the King & Queen of Hearts and their adventure will take place in Grandmother's Crystal Candy Bowl, full of candy hearts. What a delicious adventure!

Entry #7


Doll by Bernadette Witschey
from... FL, USA

Amy is the image of my little niece who is now a grown woman with 3 small children of her own. What a pretty little child she was....big blue eyes and soft brown curls that swirled around and framed her sweet face. More than just a pretty little girl, she was a blessing full of hugs and kisses who loved to dress in pink! She is My Valentine and I want to share her with you on this Special Day!

Entry #8

"Sleepy Sydney"

Doll by Bridget Nolte
from... MN, USA

I call her Sleepy Sydney-she is ready for a valentine night slumber party.

Entry #9


Doll by Carmela Anjos
from... TN, USA

Fun making this little doll!

Entry #10


Doll by Sharon Young
from... CA, USA

Introducing... Valerie...she has put on her Valentines dress her grama made for her and her special hat too. She stands alone and hopes she gets lots of paper valentines this year. (I love that I can create a project from my stash without going to the store! It is worth all the boxes in my craft area!!!)

Entry #11

"Miss Sophie Belle"

Doll by Barbara Johnson
from... North Carolina, USA

This is Miss Sophie Belle and she is my interpretation of Wide Eyed Wendy. As usual, my dolls speak to me and tell me how they wish to be made, dressed, and painted. Miss Sophie's head was prepared with modge podge to seal the soft fabric, followed by two layers of gesso, and then painted. Her dress is mostly layers of lace over a simple skirt. She does have lacy underpants, although you cannot see them in these shots. Her socks and shoes complete her outfit. Her hair is a doll wig that was reworked from a larger size to fit her smaller head proportions.

This was a very fun challenge and I do look forward to using this pattern again in the future. Who knows what little creature will appear next time.

Entry #12


Doll by Estelle Katz
from... Quebec, Canada

My name is Sparkle. My maker always waits for us to give her our names. She says I am the cutest doll she has make in a long time.

I am really not into cute. My thing has become ballerinas who are beautiful, not cute. The idea for her pinafore came from a doll clothes book that has patterns for dolls that children play with.

We really needed our sewing skills to make this doll without a lot of instructions. We should all be able to make a doll without being led by the hand. Hope you like her. She says to please notice her heart bracelet.

Entry #13


"Lila, the Lavender Faerie"

Doll by Barbara Jones
from... Garland, Texas


This is the first time that I have ever entered a doll challenge and I must say it was very delightful. I love Judi Ward's patterns and I have collected and made quite a few.

Wendy was a very simple doll to make but I decided to change her up just a little. I decided to give her fingers and do a little soft sculpture on the face. Because I love frills I added an extra top skirt and a little extra fabric to really make the skirt stand out. I also ruffled the pantaloons by using elastic and lace and I also added a slip. Seed beads were used in the place of buttons on bodice. The face was enhanced with fabric markers, gel pens and colored pencils. The hair was knitted on knitting machine then pulled apart. Soft sculpture fabric was used for the doll body. And with that been said my version of Wide Wendy was born. Thank you Judy Ward this was a pleasure.

Entry #14


Doll by Carrie Rush
from... Kansas, USA

Faith is looking up in praise.

Entry #15

"Twink and Smidge"

Doll by Kate Erbach
from... WI, USA

Twink and Smidge - sisters. Made with craft velour for the bodies, stash shoes and fabulous pink hair. I love dolls with pink hair. I enlarged the pattern to make the big sister Twink.

There are 3 Pages of Dolls!

You are on Page 1. 
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