Baby Easy - Vintage Doll Pattern by Judi Ward

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"Baby Easy" - About 25" Tall

Baby Easy has a very unique method of contruction.  The body, legs and arms are contained in just 4 pieces!   Yet she/he has lots of shape and form, achieved by darts.  Her/His hair is fur and is put on by sewing machine before sewing the head pieces together.  She/He is in a sitting position and has an easily sculpted face that you can paint or embroider.  She/He can wear real baby clothes or you can make the clothes from our optional patterns....
Optional Clothing Patterns:

Baby Easy's Dress Pattern...  Make this pretty ruffled dress and panties for your Baby Easy.  The dress has ruffles all the way around and up the back to the yoke.  It also has ruffles over the puffy sleeves and a ruffle onthe panties.
Baby Easy's Eton Suit Pattern..  For a little boy baby easy is so cute and proper.  Shirt, shorts, cap and jacket are included. 

Wears Real Baby Clothes Also!

Vintage Patterns From 1983/1984 Printed and Mailed to You. 
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