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***Violet Pickles and Ruby Buttons***
The Darling Rag Dolls from the E. J. Taylor story books.
Are now patterns for making cloth dolls, By Permission from E. J. Taylor

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Hello! I'm Judi Ward. Enjoy your visit!
Doll Designer Judi Ward


I love to design and make cloth dolls that are beautiful, detailed and well designed under the clothes. Many innovative techniques are taught in my patterns, and the instructions are very thorough and step by step. (NOTE>>>some of the very old patterns are being re-done, adding new techniques. (Since I have been around since "dirt was invented", I have added new ideas and techniques) 

Most of my doll patterns also have clothes that are "real," well designed and usually removable. Many of my patterns offer several face and hair designs to expand your dollmaking fun. I have over 70 patterns available with a huge variety of types and styles, from a tiny 5" baby to a 30" boy. There are children, adults, whimsies, fantasy, antique look alikes and even a chair! 

Some of the web page "pictures" are of the pattern covers, with Black and White drawings. I have sold many of my "display" dolls over the years and don't have pictures of some of them! (Pre digital camera)

Some I have re-made, or had re-made, some I haven't...Just no time!!! Gotta keep making NEW patterns.

All doll heights are "APPROXIMATE." You can not say that a cloth doll will be exactly a certain height. 

Different stuffing, sewing, jointing and fabric will cause slight variations in size.

We also have many patterns with color covers.

For those without the color covers yet, we are adding a picture, either from the color printer or as a photo, in the packet. Please note...Some patterns don't have the color picture option, because the dolls are sold!!! 

I am going to try to get all of the "sold" dolls re-made in the next year.

NOTE>>>>>We no longer have fabric, fur, joint buttons, cord, etc.

Several merchants at have the "Stuff." has wonderful 100% cotton wovens that can be used for my dolls too.  (I suggest placing the pattern on the bias of woven fabrics for the best results for detailed dolls with profile faces).

CRs Crafts is a catalog you NEED for accessories, wigs, shoes, etc. 1-641-567-3652

Ditto for Tallinas Doll Supplies

Dolly Hugs, Judi

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