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Little FrogLittle Frog "LILLY" is the sweetest little frog, all dressed up in her party dress, panties and "Mary Janes".

You can tie a lock of curly chenille hair to the top of her head; or a few strands of a soft fluffy yarn.  Tie a bow into her "hair" and she is especially sweet.  Her body is only two pieces and you can make her in a jiffy!

Please READ AND HEED the instructions for the easiest way to make LILLY, and note the "NO STUFFING" areas.  If you stuff those areas she won't be able to sit and her head will not drop forward.

Happy frogging,

Judi Ward


Below are links to the instructions and the pattern.  The pattern has been scanned so that the size should print close to the right size on the "average" computer system.  If the images come out too big or small there is a 1 inch scale mark on each page so you can reduce or enlarge the image on a coping machine. 

Pattern Instructions

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